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Frequently Asked Questions:

·         Are snakes always out to get us?

No they aren’t, for every 1 that you do see you haven’t seen at least 6.  We see them more as we are building more homes that take away their habitat.

·        What do I do if I see a snake?

Stop and let them pass, do not step over them.  See if you can walk around it or slowly step backwards.

·        Why shouldn’t I step over a snake?

If you step over a snake it will likely consider that a threat and strike at you.

·        Should I get checked out if bitten by a snake?

Yes to be safe you should always get checked by a doctor after a snake bite.

·         If you have a lizard will that keep the snakes away?

No, both snakes and lizards live in harmony in their regular habitat.

·         Do lizards make any noise?

Yes they do, they hiss too.  When they feel threatened they blow themselves up to look big, then they hiss.  To be safe if you hear a hiss in the bush, walk away, do not investigate.

·        Do lizards bite?

Yes they do bite, although the Australian lizards are not venomous.  If you are going to move the lizard, pick it up around the middle and from the back.  Do not pick it up by the tail.




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